Turf versus Gloves!!! – Goalkeeper Gloves lose every time!

I was spending my Sunday morning, last weekend,  doing what I love to do best.  Playing as a goalkeeper!

This time of year, everyone is playing indoors on sometimes less than perfect turf fields. I ran into a longtime friend, a great goalkeeper who has obviously been part of a quality training program through the years and has played in college.

I passed him and exchanged greetings, I noticed he was wearing the lowest quality goalie gloves I have ever seen! They didn’t fit right and the latex palm (if that’s what it was) may have been only 2 mm thick!  There was no thumb support nor any reinforcements in the finger webbing. I was astonished!! I asked him why the heck was he wearing such a crappy pair of gloves. His response was, “Because the turf tears them up, therefore, I’m tired of spending $80 to wear a glove for maybe eight games!”

I couldn’t agree more! Artificial grass, or turf, will tear and rip your goalkeeping gloves in a very fast manner. Particularly if you are playing properly, diving properly, coming out to challenge shooters and constantly up and down from the ground (Isn’t Keeping Awesome!?)  The older the turf and the less it is properly managed, the rougher it will be on all of your goalkeeping equipment.

What is a quality goalkeeper to do??

First, make sure you are taking the best care of your gloves as possible. Keep them moist before and during the game, in addition to washing them at regular intervals. Keep them separate from your other equipment in an isolated bag and always make sure to have two pair.  One for training and one for matches. You can watch a great simple video here on taking care of your gloves.

Besides all that, you need to find a quality supply of gloves at an affordable price. That’s where Just4Keepers comes into play! I asked my buddy, how much he paid for his “gloves”. He said $30 (USD) that he got on sale from $40 (USD).  I said,  “Go to NY.J4K4U.COM. There is a huge supply of QUALITY gloves in a similar price range! Since you know a J4K coach, you get 10% off! No problem! Use a glove that matches your abilities as an awesome keeper, and don’t spend the rent money in the process”!

Keepers Helping Keepers!

J4K is a company lead by goalkeepers, owned by goalkeepers and built by a professional goalkeeper. We have the best quality gloves at prices designed for goalkeeping families! Prices that won’t break the budget and allow for keepers to get what they want….not what they have to settle for.

So visit J4K4U.com or see your local Just4Keepers Coach for information on how to get a great pair of gloves. As a result, you’ll be ready to take on the turf every weekend!!!

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