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How to put Finger Saves in J4K Goalkeeper Gloves

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How to Protect Fingers

The best protection for your fingers is STRONG FINGERS! But for those Goalkeepers who prefer finger savers, spines or stays, J4K has you covered! J4K Finger Savers (Spines) are made of durable hard plastic for maximum protection. The spines are segmented to allow for maximum flexibility and comfort. All finger saver spines, that are designed  for J4K gloves, are removable. This is important because spines do break! When they do, with J4K, you just need new spines not entire new gloves! Brought to you by J4K.

IMPORTANTWhen you see the finger spine picture with a specific goalkeeper glove, it means that style of goalkeeper glove will accept finger spines. So all you need to do is purchase a set of finger spines with your goalkeeper gloves.  As the spines are removable, it allows the goalkeeper the choice of using the finger saver spines.

All J4K Spines come in Size 11, Instructions are provided to easily customize your finger savers to fit the size of your gloves by simply snapping off the extra length of the spine.

J4K Spines - Finger Savers Adult/Youth

J4K Finger Saver Spines Designed of hard plastic for maximum protection Segmented for maximum flexibility and comfort Removable because Spines do break! J4K designed gloves and finger savers allow you to replace the spines, not the entire gloves! Brought to you by J4K.

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