Camp FAQs

Q. What ages are allowed at the ID Camps?

A. Camps routinely register campers from 9 – 19 years old. However, we have made exceptions at both ends to include mature 8 year olds and young, “older” parents. Please contact us if you would like to discuss further. 

Q. What time should I show up for camp?

A. Check the start time for the camp and plan to arrive 15 to 30 minutes prior, particularly on the first day for registration. For many camps, early drop off options exist, please contact Coach Knight for more info.


Q. Do parents have to stay? Are parents allowed to stay?

A. Parents do not have to stay for camp. Parents are certainly allowed to observe any and all portions of camp. We ask that you do not interfere with coaches or any activities on the field. Questions for coaches may be asked (and are encouraged) once camp is done for the day.


Q. Can pictures/video be taken?

A. Absolutely! We ask two things: 1) Please give credit to J4K Camps on any social media posts and 2) Do not use camper’s last names when sharing the photos (as per the picture/video waiver).


Q. What if it rains?

A. Almost all camps will hold training in rainy conditions. So please bring raingear for back up purposes. Training will only be suspended under any of the following conditions:

• Unsafe playable conditions (e.g., due to standing water)
• Thunder and Lightning. The camp will be subject to the local/host club/school policy on storms. Campers will be provided safe shelter in the event of a storm
• Host/Club/School administrators close the fields
*Note: Although refunds are not provided for any canceled days, J4K is about goalkeeping and will make every opportunity to make up for the lost day in training, in either services or goods.


Q. What if my goalkeeper is sick, injured, or becomes injured during camp?


• If you are sick prior to comping to camp, please refrain from attending (arrangements will be made)
• If you become sick or injured during camp, please notify any coach immediately! You will be directed to the host coach who is CPR/First Aid trained and will evaluate from there. (Note: There are at least two CPR/First Aid coaches on staff at all times) Parents will be notified if this should occur.
• In the unfortunate event an ambulance is required, 911 will be notified along with the emergency contact listed on the day of the camp. It is imperative that the emergency number provided is accurate!


Q. How much food and drink should we bring?

A. Quantity is always relevant per individual. Please consider these guidelines:

• We will have a morning break, a 45 min lunch, and an afternoon break, so plan for lunch and snacks accordingly.
• The rule for fluids (water and sports drink) is that at the end of the day, you should have some left over. If you run out, you did not bring enough! While J4K always provides some extras, your camper is responsible for his/her drink. We will take plenty of water breaks based on temperatures, heat index, and work rates.

Q. What if I need to pick up my camper early?

A. Please contact Coach Tracy by text/phone 518-495-0563


Q. What is the ID portion of an ID camp?

A. Unless otherwise specified in the local camp details, the ID (identification) portion of the camp is for J4K to ID strong goalkeepers who might be ready for the next level. There will be a TOP GOALKEEPER identified during the camp who will earn a residential camp credit to be used at a future J4K residential camp reserved for elite goalkeepers. (Subject to availability and does not include travel costs).