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Just 4 Keepers, New York provides recruitment counseling and support at NO CHARGE!!!!* Furthermore, we have partnered with DoubleTake recruitment videos team to assist our goalkeepers in their preparation for the college scouting process! 

There’s no secret that video is a key component to recruiting. When a coach comes to a game to scout, the goalkeeper may not even touch the ball for a vast majority of the game! DoubleTake provides a high quality, very cost competitive solution for players and parents to easily compile video footage and prepare a recruiting video that is sure to grab a coach’s attention!


For the Goalkeepers who have aspirations of playing in college, J4K not only provides the training to improve your game, but will provide support for players and parents during the recruitment process.

Coach Referral

J4K has connections with coaches all over the world, so whether you are looking for a referral to a college across the states or a club across the ocean, J4K can help get you in contact with the right coaches!

Success Tools

Through technical training, physical preparation, mental development and recruiting guidance, J4K can give you the tools to play in college!

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First Impressions Matter

100% Online Athletic Recruitment Videos – Your Film, Our Edits

*Does Not include travel time, video recording  or time meeting with coaches and scouts

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